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Ordinary people - victims of scams, cons, and violence - tell their story to our security experts, instructors at Xtreme School, who teach them how to overcome adversity and prevent being victimized again.

Xtreme School re-enacts the crime, dissects it, and teaches the viewer how to stop it from happening again.


Predators and fraudsters are on the look-out for marks everywhere, all of the time. The best way not to become their mark is by knowing how they think, how they work, and what they look for. Even better is knowing how to respond when they choose YOU.

Xtreme School teaches regular people how to think like a criminal and defend themselves like a professional security xpert by taking them directly to Xtreme training schools frequented by military, law enforcement and security professionals.

Predators have graduated "VTU" that's "Violence and Theft University". To beat them at their own game you need to graduate from Xtreme School - and you will with the help of our two co-hosts and cast of real-life security Xperts.


Each week, Xtreme School tells the story of a one person's transformation from powerless victim to empowered individual in a half-hour three act structure. Each act focuses on one aspect of the person's story and growth. By the end of Act Three the person receives his or her Xtreme School diploma, graduating into the ranks of the empowered...

The show host, Robert Siciliano, is a recognized Xpert and motivational speaker on protecting against identity theft, physical aggression, computer security, cons, and scams. Robert passionately and personally engages each victim, taking each one on a voyage of self-discovery and education in the ways of the criminal world, bringing them to a place of strength from which they are prepared and ready to take care of themselves under almost any circumstance.

The visual treatment of the show is a mix of the very intimate - when Robert is working with the guest - and spectacular as we reveal how scams work, how criminals do their business, and how to beat them with Xtreme measures.

Interspersed between the three acts of each show, Xtreme School segments bring the viewer up to date on the latest scams and security threats, and demonstrates the latest tools, technology, and techniques for protecting oneself against thugs, con artists, and scammers, beating them at their own game.

Based on events taken straight from news headlines, the show is one high impact hour of true life stories of the best kind - stories about overcoming adversity and becoming empowered to protect oneself and loved ones - safely, accurately, and effectively...