Xtreme School Storylines:

Bad Debt and Good Love

Burt and his son have the same name, but Burt's son is a drug-addict. When Burt's son opens a series of credit card accounts the banks don't bother to verify if it is the father or son in who's name the account has been opened. Overtime Burt's son accumulates hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of credit card debt; buying objects which he later sells for cash to feed his habit.

Swat Team

Everything you need to know about S.W.A.T. Teams - oh, yeah - you think you don't need to know anything about them...

Sam found himself held against his will in a convenience store robbery which was stormed by the local S.W.A.T. Team, and what Sam didn't know about S.W.A.T. Team operations almost cost him his life. Robert takes Sam to Operational Tactics, Inc. to learn what makes a S.W.A.T. Team a S.W.A.T. Team, and the do's and dont's of hostage situations which might be subject of a S.W.A.T. action.

Travel Safety

Ellen works for an American company with overseas operations. Although her job did not typically require her to travel abroad, her superior quit on the eve of an important trip. To manage overseas operations Ellen was obliged to go - and that's when her troubles began. From "losing" her Passport in a foreign country, to having contracted dysentery, to not being able to contact the U.S. Embassy counselor when she was stopped by foreign police, Ellen's trip was such a disaster that she isn't sure she'll ever go abroad again. This means her company won't promote her to her former boss's job. Robert takes her to Corporate Travel Safety, Inc. to learn how to prepare and protect herself on future trips, and to overcome her fear of travel abroad.

The Internet Inheritance Scam

Millie answered an e-mail asking for help obtaining a long lost inheritance. Promising a healthy fee - only a few thousand dollars upfront - the scammer could purchase airfare to come and meet her...

The Wireless Break-In

Brian, a successful securities trader who built his own trading firm, didn't know until too late that someone was using his password protected home-wireless network to break into his computer. He found out when he started noticing his credit cards were maxed out with fraudulent charges for things he never ordered or received.

The Real-Estate Burglary

Jasper is a successful real-estate agent with listings in upper middle-class neighborhoods of a major city. One day during an Open House he is hosting, he is attacked by a predator posing as a home buyer. Jasper is robbed, tied-up with duct tape, and locked into an upstairs closet. The thief and accomplices proceed to rob the house. Jasper is found later when the homeowners arrive embarrassed, scared, and feeling guilty that his client's house was burglarized on his watch.

The Unsafe Night Walk

Kelly, a college co-ed at a small university is accosted by two men while walking back to her dorm after a late night of study at the library. They coerce her into entering their car and drive to a secluded area where they accost her. She fights back and manages to get away alive, pretty much unhurt, but very, very scared.

Airline Security

How much do you know about the effectiveness of airport and airline security measures? What can you do to increase your safety when flying. How to recognize potential threats to you and other passengers? We give you the techniques to navigate this front-line of travel security.

Riots and Crowd Actions

Crowds have a life of their own - we show you how to save yours if you ever get caught up in a mass of people who are out of control.

Bombs and IED Disarmament

The best techniques for recognizing where these deadly devices could be hidden as well as the most successful techniques for avoiding getting hurt when confronted by an IED. Disarm or run? We'll teach you to recognize which is the life-saving response.

Highly Trained Dogs

From bomb sniffers, to seeing eye dogs, to dogs trained to sniff-out contraband, drugs, or bombs, highly trained dogs are often man-kind's first line of defense. Learn how they are trained, and learn how you can train your dog to be an effective watch-dog and companion to you and your loved ones.

High-Adrenaline Situation Training

Self-defense on steriods, in this episode we teach you how to fight back and overcome adverse situations in which you or your loved-ones are under attack.

Cyber Stalking

How to recognize when you are stalked, identify who is stalking you, and make them stop.

Bar Fights

How to recognize when one is about to break-out and what to do if you can't get out of the way. (And we'll teach you how to win when you can't get out of the way.)

Bank Robbery and Security

How to get out before it happens, and what to do if you can't. How to keep the situation from escalating into a hostage situation.

Hostage Negotiation

What you need to know to negotiate yourself out of a hostage situation when there are no experts to do it for you.

Fire Emergency

Fires are unpredictable, very lethal, and badly understood. We teach you everything you need to know to understand this natural phenomena and how to save yourself and others from its ravages.